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Activcool Cooling Golf Hat

Looking for a protectant for your head while playing golf? Don't look anywhere than activcool's this hat is designed to keep you sweat and dust out of your face, while providing a bit of protection against the australian outback, plus, our unisex style means you can take any lads or girls you want and put 'em on, because we all know girls like action-sport.

Best Activcool Cooling Golf Hat

The Cooling golf hat is a fantastic addition to your golf look, with its owny-abyssalduh water droplet coating and upf 30 protection, nwt unisex Cooling golf hat is will keep your skin at the best possible temperature. Additionally, the technology ensures your skin is kept at a low temperature, ensuring a smooth and efficient Cooling process, the Cooling golf hat extends a special "turbofreeze" technology that helps keep your head and ears cool while you play golf. This hat also includes a protection that helps keep your eyes and skin warm, this hat features an up-ointed Cooling breeze for a smooth, even climate. The red is first-rate for look on the green, the hat features a water-resistant coating that helps keep your head and ears dry, and the upf 30 protection ensures your skin is not impacted.